Alfie Patten and Chantelle Steadman: The Playstation Parents

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When you are 13 like father Alfie Patten, or 15 like mother Chantelle Steadman, what do you do after a long day of school and homework and changing diapers of your new baby Maisie Roxanne? You hang out and enjoy playing Saints Row 2 on Playstation of course.

In these touching pictures from the Sun, baby Maisie rests on Alfie’s lap, mother Chantelle right beside him, while the two engage in a vicious battle, fighting off drug dealers ins Stilwater Prison…and the lack of sleep that comes with being a brand new parent.

For those who are concerned with where Steadman and Patten’s parents are, or more aptly, where they were when these two decided to create a child, we remind you that Saints Row 2 is a game rated 18 and over in the U.K. where these two young lovebirds reside in East Sussex.

At least Alfie put the remote down long enough to witness Maisie being born.

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