A 15-Year-Old Girl and Boyfriend Gives Birth to Twins

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Samantha Humphries and Daniel Sargent are the parents to twins. The two are merely 15.Move over Alfie Patten and Chantelle Steadman, your baby drama has been pushed out of the spotlight…twice. Samantha Humphries, 15, and her boyfriend Daniel Sargent, 15, are now the proud parents of twin boys Liam and Ryan. Humphries was 14 when she conceived. The boys were born three months premature and have been in the hospital since birth.

“We love our sons and we can’t wait to get them home,” Humphries said.

The happy couple are in the last year at Meols Cop High School in Southport where they live with their respective parents in the town centre. They say they are looking forward to raising their boys, after they’ve spent the past few months juggling schoolwork with visits to special care baby units. Originally, the twins will come home with Humphries and her parents. The couple plan to eventually get a house together and raise their family. Unlike the Patten-Steadman situation with paternity in doubt and parents angling for money, this young couple is grateful to their family members for all their support and has shunned the spotlight since the twins were born.

Liam and Ryan were not born without complications, Humphries was admitted twice to Liverpool Women’s hospital and they were delivered naturally at only 28 weeks. They weighed in at 3lb and 2lb 9oz respectively and were immediately put on ventilators. Due to the time Ryan spent on a ventilator, doctors had to operate on the little boy’s lungs. He is being kept at Liverpool Women’s hospital and his condition is improving.

Liam is now in the hospital nursery at Ormskirk and due home in the next few days. “We just can’t wait to get them home,” Humphries said. “We will be arguing over whether to put them in Liverpool or Man United kits.”

Daniel, who celebrates his 16th birthday today, is going to Southport College in September to study public services, and plans to enter the police force. “I am going to try and be the best father I can.” Sammii is also determined to continue with school and college where she now considers becoming a neonatal nurse after her experience in teh hospital. During the day while the parents are in school, grandparents have been helping out.

Photo Source: The Daily Mail

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