Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Sue Baby Stroller Company

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are suing stroller company Silver Cross over their use of this picture from People Magazine.What’s the best part about being a celebrity? Getting a ton of things for free when you can totally afford to pay for them, of course! Well whether Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony bought a Silvercross carriage to push twins Max and Emme around in or it was gifted to them, they don’t like the results of using this swanky stroller. The power singing couple have filed a lawsuit against Silvercross America Limited in Los Angeles Central District Court.

The duo claim that the company has ‘illegally used their name, likeness, and image to promote the sales of their high end baby products across the internet and in print media.’ In other words, when the pair were photographed for People Magazine pushing their twins around in the stroller (see the picture), the company attempted to profit from the pictures by using them in their ads. The stars filed the federal suit against Silver Cross Wednesday (February 25) in US District Court, alleging that the manufacturer caused “irreparable damage to both Lopez’s and Anthony’s public images.”. The also say that it harmed Lopez’s production company and clothing line.

The couple are seeking more than $5 million in damages as well as a a preliminary and permanent injunction against Silver Cross.

The company never checked with Marc and Jen for permission, and hasn’t paid them for the pics, so they’re suing the company for trademark infringement. Yes, they say they have infringed on the J.Lo brand. The suit claims Silver Cross used their photograph online and also in ads without their consent, in turn deceiving the public into “believing that Lopez and Anthony endorse and sponsor” the company. We take that to mean that when you pose for pictures you are being paid to be published in People Magazine with a baby product, it means you can turn around and say you don’t believe in the brand.

We’re hoping if they do win the suit, they should donate the money to a charity for women and their children who cannot afford the $2,500 stroller.

Photo Source: People Magazine

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