Lindsay Lohan: ‘Pretending to be Pregnant Was Terrifying’

Lindsay Lohan learns what it's like to be pregnant in her new movie Labor Pains.Lindsay Lohan insists she won’t be getting pregnant any time soon – because it would be “terrifying” for her at such a young age. The Mean Girls actress – who is currently dating club DJ Samantha Ronson – had to act the part of a pregnant mother in new movie Labor Pains.

And the experience had such an effect on Lindsay that she believes all girls would benefit from a stint in a strap-on tummy. She explains, “It was quite alarming to have to wear this thing. You think about all the things that come with being pregnant and that’s scary, especially for me at 22. I shot a scene where I had a nine-month stomach on, and it was terrifying. It would certainly set people’s heads straight if they were looking to get pregnant at a young age.”

The romantic comedy stars Lindsay Lohan as an assistant, working in a stuffy publishing house, who pretends to be pregnant in a desperate attempt to keep her nasty boss from firing her. When that gets her a bunch of special treatment by everyone involved in her life, her character tries to keep up the lie for nine months! The movie due out next year and is directed by Laura Shapiro.


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