Russian Baby Born with Two Penises, No Bladder, No Abdominal Wall

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The child, named only as Artyom G, was born two weeks ago after a normal pregnancy in which medics did not detect any problems. The baby has had successful corrective surgery after he was born with two penises, no bladder, and no abdominal wall.

Shortly after birth the baby was taken to St Vladimir’s Children’s Clinical Hospital where he was operated on for five hours. Doctors joined the two sex organs into one and say he should have a normal life with full reproductive capabilities.

“The surgery was complicated. We had to form one penis out of two, make the abdominal wall and create a bladder,” said a doctor involved in the complicated operation. “When our colleagues asked for help we said yes immediately but we couldn’t imagine the case would be so complicated,” said one doctor.

The hospital said that the baby is now in good health and the surgery a complete success. “He will grow into a normal man and be able to have kids,” the doctor added.


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