Nicole Richie to Launch Maternity Clothing Line

Before she got pregnant in 2007, Nicole Richie was trying to be an actress, singer, model, reality TV star or poster child for extreme weight loss. But fate stepped in an gave Nicole the boost her career needed — a baby girl named Harlow Winter Kate. It’s very clear that motherhood has changed Lionel Richie’s daughter for the better. Now that she’s pregnant with baby number two, the latest step on Nicole career path is a line of maternity clothes.

“There will be a maternity line, a clothing line, shoes, belts, everything,” Nicole said. Something tells me that the stylish star’s maternity clothes might actually be fashionable enough to warrant a non-maternity line down the pipeline. Well not everyone is going to want to strap on a belt when their midsection is expending at pregnancy rate, but it’s still a safe bet to assume that her line will fit a woman of normal pregnancy weight.

Nicole has already successfully launched her own jewellery line called The House of Harlow 1960. Her jewelry line sold out of inventory through pre-order sales before it even hit stores, and it looks like the rest of her line will follow suit.


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3 Responses to “Nicole Richie to Launch Maternity Clothing Line”

  1. arjanholland Says:

    Nice, i keep my eyes open.


  2. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Give Back to UNICEF and Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation « Baby Lifestyles Says:

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  3. andrewmcd Says:

    I think Nicole will do very well in the maternity fashion, I will be sure to pass this onto my wife has just got the news that we are having another baby, whoohoo, the last time she was pregnant she moaned constantly about the maternity clothes that where on offer, with maternity clothes being made more fashionable for pregnant women these days she is rather exited this time around, I would like to say a big thank you to the maternity fashion designers out there, I could not go another 9 months of moaning about clothes lol, thanks.

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