Autism Activist Jenny McCarthy Reveals Her Post Baby Body Secrets

Jenny McCarthy discusses her weight loss secrets for after baby.Sure, Jenny McCarthy had a Playboy playmate body before she gave birth to her son Evan, now 6. But that doesn’t mean she was immune to having her weight balloon to over 200 pounds in the process. Now on the cover of Shape Magazine, McCarthy discusses how she got her weight back on track through smaller, meals, a diet overhaul, Weight Watchers, and yoga that make us all green with envy again.

Three years ago, McCarthy switched to a gluten- and diary-free diet, and now a typical day’s menu includes egg whites, fish, fresh fruit and veggies. Between meals, she noshes on little packets of nuts from Starbucks. “[Weight Watchers] taught me portion control and to be conscious of what I put into my mouth,” the outspoken McCarthy, 36, tells Shape magazine for its May issue.

Another activity McCarthy is attempting to teach her limber-limbed boyfriend, funny man Jim Carey: yoga. “I’ve seen him eyeing my toned arms,” she says. “I give it six months before I find him twisted into a pretzel!”


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