UpSpring Baby Company Secures Funding For Alcohol Breastfeeding Testing

UpSpring Baby receives funding for it's Home Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk.The UpSpring Baby Company created a product we love called Milkscreen, a home test for alcohol in breast milk. It allows a new mother to go out and socialize, enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and confirm that when she goes home to breastfeed her newborn in those first few months of life, that there is no alcohol in the milk. “We are seeing an increase in consumers wanting to better manage their own health care and UpSpring Baby is responding to that growing market by developing new platform technologies that help to improve the health and wellness of children and mothers,” said Lisa Williamson, Founder and CEO of UpSpring Baby.

UpSpring Baby recently secured $4 million in equity financing for their innovative parent and baby products. helping its distribution through national chains stores like Target and Walgreens. “We feel UpSpring Baby is uniquely positioned to develop, and bring to market tools that empower parents to monitor the health and safety of their children,” said Bill Perkins, CEO of Small Ventures. “UpSpring Baby has impressed us with their creativity in developing products, and they have cultivated strong strategic relationships in order to introduce those products to the world. We look forward to working with UpSpring Baby as they continue to innovate for the benefit of parents and their children.”

Buy your own Milkscreen Home Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk by Upspring Baby


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